Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming Soon

My website is almost done!
It looks AMAZING (way to go Josh & The Tenfold Collective). These guys are awesome, and they've really outdone themselves designing a great site for me.

It should be ready for the viewing public in a week or so. Check it out when it's up:

It's amazing how busy I am now that I'm home all the time. Between trying to get the doula business going, taking on random jobs here and there, and taking care of the kiddos and managing the house and my husband's school of music I feel like I'm busier than ever. Some of the up sides: my house is cleaner than its been in months and my stress level is lower than its ever been.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't make beds

Have you ever noticed that some people have that one thing (or multiple things) that just have to be done every day?
I am not that person. I don't make my bed. I'm sorry if that really bothers you. Sure, yes, when I'm cleaning my room I'll make the bed. For the most part though, it never receives the attention I'm sure other women would give to it.
I think maybe that I thought that when I came home I would turn into this amazing house-cleaning fanatic. That the random junk around our house would miraculously find homes, and I would joyously scrub each & every spot.
The first couple weeks being home I did a fair bit of cleaning. For the first time in months our kitchen floor was truly clean, and I was quite proud of that.

Let's talk about today. I'm sick. I ache, have a sore throat, and my energy is completely sapped. I'm doing good to feed the kids, and change diapers. Meanwhile, we have no groceries, no plan for dinner tonight, you can't see the sink because of the huge stack of dishes, and even if we wanted to eat at the table it's piled high with random junk.
My only claim to fame is that laundry is clean & folded. It's stacked in baskets & on beds, but it is clean.

I'm shocked that I'm totally okay with all of this. A few months ago I would've beaten myself up for not being perfect, for not doing this "right." It's okay though, and it doesn't really matter. I will eventually feel better, and then I'll clean. I'll do what I can today, and not worry about the salad that sat out all night on the table. My husband said he'll figure dinner out (the thought of food makes my stomache turn), and O can survive on pb&j until then.

You know, I don't make O make his bed either. It's really more of his nest anyway. He has a certain way he likes everything on his bed, and that's okay by me. One day, I'll teach him the finer details of a clean room & a well made bed, but I doubt I'll ever really make him make his bed each day. We have bigger things to tackle each remembering that pee goes in the potty, not on the couch.