Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yes, I'm One of THOSE Moms

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I don't have a kid with autism.
I'm not anti-vaccine either.
I am pro-truth in medicine.

It both saddens and frustrates me when I hear a doctor state a matter of opinion as if it is fact. "You are pushing so hard. This baby must be 9, or even 10 pounds. Plus, your pelvis is on the small side. It's time to consider other options. Let's get you prepped for a c-section."
I chose that scenario b/c at every birth I've been to the medical team has gone on and on about how big this baby must be, and EVERY time the baby has been 7 pounds or smaller. Seriously. Medicine is not an exact science--is there an exact science? It seems that the more we know--the more we realize how little we DO know. I would just like doctors to start being honest. How about "You know, it's possible you have a larger-than-normal baby. We should consider this, and talk about your options or alternatives." Keep it simple.

We've jumped from pediatrician to pediatrician, b/c of the "vaccine issue." I had one doctor talk to me as if I was a bad mother for not vaccinating my kids. I calmly explained to her that we had weighed the options, and chosen what we felt was best for our children. (Which, if your wondering--we are delaying vaccines. Our last decision was to wait until O was 5 years before reviewing again. Mostly, in hopes that by then we'd have safer vaccines.)That apparently wasn't good enough for her. Easy fix: we found someone that doesn't necessary agree with us, but respects us as the parents.

Our decision to delay wasn't flippant or quick. We started researching the moment we found out I was pregnant. Even by O's birth we still didn't feel we had enough information. We held off several more months, especially after learning of O's CF--that definitely played a part in our decision.

Lately I've heard the media and celebrities talking about how important vaccines are--to the point that they've also all but accused those of us who have not vaccinated appear as though WE'RE the cause of whatever outbreak is occurring. (Whooping cough is getting a lot of attention these days. I even saw Jennifer Lopez on the Rachael Ray Show today touting the necessity of vaccines and boosters.) My husband even heard a reporter declare that it is required by law to vaccinate your child in Colorado. Ahem. This journalist obviously didn't do her homework.

I've asked each pediatrician if he/she can give it to me in writing that the vaccine my child will receive will be 100% safe and free from harmful chemicals (like mercury or anti-freeze), and that it will not cause harmful long-term side effects (like autism, or pneumonia--which, could potentially be deadly to my son). I've yet to have one agree.

I could also go on about the greed that has saturated our country--Wall Street, Pharmaceutical companies, Real Estate--is there anyone who hasn't been effected/affected?

It comes down to this: vaccines FREAK ME OUT. We'll find another way to shield our kids against disease, thanks. We'll also be teaching them about the harmful effects of greed--something that they'll have to deal with daily in this society.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Not A Trooper

I'm not a trooper,
or a saint.
I'm not embarrassed,
or uncomfortable.
I'm not immodest,
or indecent.
I'm not a hippie or granola.
I'm not neglectful of my husband's needs or desires,
and I'm not putting my happiness above my children's.
I'm not gross,
or weird.

I'm a breastfeeding mom. I feed my baby when she's hungry, wherever that may be. I will continue to breastfeed my baby until she and I deem we're done.
There is no need for you to comment, condone, or feel comfortable. It really has nothing to do with you.