Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simple Mom

I wanted to share this awesome site with you. I've been a reader for awhile, and the content just gets better. It really lives up to its name "Simple Mom." Anything that simplifies my life makes me happy.
This article was just that--a simple way to make great food choices (something you know is near & dear to my heart). I hope you enjoy it too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cuban Black Beans & Rice

I found this recipe at My version was well more than $5, because I added chicken apple sausages. It still was affordable, and tasted fantastic!
Other changes:
I used 2 cans black beans instead of the dried. I usually have canned beans on-hand for making chili, so I buy them when they're on sale. 
I used less onions--1/2 of a medium onion instead of a whole onion. 
I added cinnamon--about a tsp or so.
Forgot the cilantro, so we did without.

Everyone--kids included--enjoyed this dinner. I think it would be good with a simple (cheaper) turkey smoked sausage, and it would be fine without meat too. I really think it needs more cumin and more cinnamon. Also, peaches or nectarines would work just as well as a mango. So, whatever is in season, and most affordable is what I'd use.