Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up again

Whew! It's been a busy few weeks. I started a fantastic new job, which I absolutely love for so many reasons, and I got a new phone that has so many features I'm surprised when it actually rings & I can talk on it too! ;)
My job at The Tenfold Collective is really many different jobs--from answering phones and filing to assisting with marketing and events. So, I get to dabble in many things I enjoy. Most of my time this past few weeks has been spent getting everyone's calendars and projects organized. I love this. I love the details. We're still working on an official title. Today we thought of "Office Genius" and "Genius Coordinator." The "genius" fits with the theme of our "Interactive Genius" and "Marketing Genius."
The people I work with are all exceptionally talented and passionate about what they do, and they're great people--we enjoy working together, which makes such a difference on a workday when you were up all night with your babies. I look forward to being there each day.

The kids are doing well with the transition. O never really likes or accepts change too well, but after nearly 3 weeks he's starting to come around. He still has one or two days where he's a bit clingy when I leave, sometimes tearful, but it's getting better. E is always clingy when I return, but she's a doll when I leave. She blows kisses, waves, and sometimes walks me to the door.

I've been teaching childbirth classes this month too. I really LOVE IT. I plan to have this continue throughout the year, 6 weeks on with maybe 2 weeks off or so. Kristin Holt has partnered with me, and brought her extensive medical knowledge to class. She is a wealth of information, and a really gifted teacher.

In other news--my husband had applied for a wonderful worship ministry position at a local church. We had such high hopes about this job, but we found out today that he won't be getting it. I am really bummed about this. I am earnestly praying for a career for my husband that uses his gifts and passion for music, and also a position that meets all of our financial needs. We'd also like to stay here--we really like our home and our community.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I start my new job on Monday at The Tenfold Collective. It's the weirdest thing--normally I would be overwhelmed with anxiousness and excitement, but I'm very peaceful about it. I am thrilled and looking forward to working, but I don't feel stress. Too cool. (Plus, I was able to schedule a haircut before my first day, so that always makes me feel great!)

Lately I feel that I'm coming into my own skin, becoming much more acceptive of who I am. I announced to Matt a few nights ago that I'm the type of girl who tucks her hair behind her ears and scrunches her sleeves up--and I'm okay with that. Okay, that sounds odd (that's what Matt said), but had you been living in my head the last 28 years you'd know that I argue with myself daily about those things and others. I'm constantly telling myself to stop tucking & scrunching. Why? Somewhere during life I told myself it wasn't okay for whatever reasons. So, if you see me tucking my hair behind my ears and scrunching my sleeves up--just smile.

Speaking of smiling--I got called for jury duty for the first time!! I'm so excited. I hope they pick me! In college I went to trials for my law classes (back in the day when I planned to go to law school). I had such a good time that I kept going FOR FUN! (Yes, I'm a freak. A hair tucking, sleeve scrunching, jury duty loving, FREAK, but hey--I'm okay with that. ;)