Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Four

Well, not every day can be the best day, but the last few haven't been that bad either.
We had a couple days of glorious sunshine, followed by, you guessed it--SNOW. Yes, in April, yes after nearly 80 degree hot sunshine.
Aaack! I know we need the moisture & all, but c'mon!!!!

I'm keeping busy. Still taking it slow, but easily getting things done. The bathrooms are clean. Hooray! They even smell clean. I'm planning the little man's birthday party & having a blast doing it. Worked on the goody bags today--wish I were a kiddo getting one of these, they're SO cool. Gave the girl a bath, and still had a couple hours to work on the transcription project. I'm really enjoying listening to these tapes, and I'm amazed how God is using them to speak into life for me right now.

The husband and I had a bit of an argument this morning. After taking some time apart to really think out why I was angry (besides the total lack of sleep the night before--note to self: no real serious conversations prior to breakfast), I realized that when he had asked a simple question I took it as an affront to how I do my "job." That is, the job of "mom"--running this household.

Ah-ha. Yep, okay, an egg, some bacon, a piece of toast, and a cup of tea--now we're ready to talk. We worked through it--almost 10 years of marriage & we're still learning how to do this right. He totally understood how I felt about doing my job without being questioned, and I definitely admitted that I was being a nasty, crabby, tired mommy.

It's nearly eleven, I'm blogging, working on a special project (can't say what b/c the receiver of this project might be reading), and contemplating what else I can fit into the day before crashing. I'm thinking: uh, yeah, just go to bed.

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