Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Try Standing In My Boat

This posting comes with a warning: DO NOT assume that this pertains to you.

We've had so many friends and family members encourage us during this "rough spot," and we appreciate it. However, I need to say something. This comes from conversation after conversation with friends who are desperately trying to cheer me up, encourage me, or somehow make it better with words.
It feels like we're in a boat that's taking on water, and we are going to drown. Friends who send off words of encouragement like "you did the right thing," "have patience," "trust God--it will work out," or similar phrases, are like people standing on the shore waving to us & smiling. You might have a different perspective standing on your safe shore, but think for a moment how we're feeling in this boat. Would you want the person on shore just smiling & waving? Or, are you screaming desperately for rescue?
If you don't have the solution, and you're not willing or unable to send a life line, or have never been in this boat--please stop trying to "fix it" with your words. It's not helping. Rather, the best thing to say would be--I'm here if you need someone.
We've reached a point where we're even sick of telling people how we're doing. It seems like life is full of dread and worry, and that's not who we are. I told Matt today that we need to have a "God is good" party. We're not yet sure what that looks like, but I'm sure it involves bacon.

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Tracy said...

how funny you used a boat metaphor.that's what I use for our financial situation. we have tides, bouys, anchors and holes all along our journey but we're still chugging along. keep an eye out for that lighthouse. we lose it in the fog and mist sometimes but it's a constant and it's always leading you to safe harbor.

Sorry I couldn't talk yesterday. meeting after meeting and then time to go home. but i know i owe you a phone call. don't know if your number is in my new phone but if nothing else i get it from here.

keep your chin up and love those cutie patooties. saw your photos from july with a photog on their website when i was searching for you a few mins ago. cuties. just wanna squich that little baby butt of edens :)