Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Opinions On Raising Kids::Chores

When I complained about doing chores as a kid, my mom would say "That's why we had kids--slave labor." Of course, I responded with a melodramatic eye roll.
I don't understand parents who don't have their kids do chores, or for that matter decide to wait to have them start doing chores. I say as soon as they can sit up--they're ready. It's a great way to teach them responsibility, and to learn to be part of a team--the family team. So, here's my age-graded list of chores for pre-kindergarten kids:

Sitting Up to Standing Up:
put away toys

Standing Up & Walking:
Throw away your own diapers!
Help put away plastic dishes
Help clean glass doors and windows

Swiffer the floors (my son loved doing this)
help load & unload laundry from washer & dryer; practice "folding"
help set & clear the table
help water outdoor plants and pull weeds

scrub the tub
put away clothes
empty dishwasher with supervision
feed pets
set & clear table with supervision

So, do you like my list? What would you change or add? Do your kids do chores? I'm interested in what you think.

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