Thursday, December 3, 2009

Childbirth Education::New Series

Are you pregnant? Do you know some who is pregnant?

Are you in Northern Colorado? Loveland? Fort Collins? Windsor? Greeley? Wellington?

We're starting a new series of childbirth education classes in January!

What is different about Nurtured Mother Childbirth Basics education?
  • We train YOU to birth YOUR way, rather than OUR way. By combining the best from various techniques, resources, experiences, and education--we equip you to make the best choices for your birth.
  • Taught by certified, experienced doulas. One of which is a labor & delivery nurse at a local hospital. Another, a certified massage therapist. All three are mothers (a total of 7 children). We've witnessed and experienced birth in nearly every situation--from natural, home births to emergency c-sections.
  • Thorough. It's not a brief primer on what to expect. We'll cover nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, the entire labor and birth process, benefits and risks of interventions, as well as breast feeding and postpartum care.
  • You'll receive your own student manual that will be your resource during labor.
  • Group classes are only $100--a bargain for the nearly 16 hours worth of material. Similar classes start at $200 or higher. (Private classes are available, at a higher rate.)
E-mail tamara "at" for more information or to register. See you there!

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