Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let Me Rephrase

Earlier tonight I posted on my facebook status "There is no "me time." It doesn't exist." It would be more appropriate to say:

There is no down-time, no relaxation, no peace.
There is no rest for the weary, no sanctuary.
There is only do, keep going, one more.

I have been plagued with anxiety attacks this week, and I've been blaming them on the new puppy. Sure, lack of sleep--because of a new puppy--no doubt plays a huge part in my mental state-of-being. However, those of you who suffer from depression probably can understand--it takes so little to tip the scales to send you spiraling downward once more.

I'm pulled in multiple directions at one time, which is devastating to my psyche. I'm not complaining--it is a statement of fact. I chose this life, I chose to have children, I chose to get a puppy. I do this to myself. I always want to do more, add on, say yes to everyone--no matter that my plate is spilling over.

Thankfully, there is one stronger than I--my Savior, my God--who is capable of carrying these burdens. If I am only capable of relinquishing what I think is control over chaos.

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