Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible

Recently I discovered moneysavingmom.com. She led me to a giveaway from Zondervan--a free copy of the Busy Mom's Bible.
Growing up in a Christian home--raising my family in a Christian home--we are not lacking in Bibles. We have several sizes, colors, and translations.
So, why would I need another Bible?

I'm stale. I've read through my Bible cover to cover more than a few times. I try to read daily, but it's not always reality. I'll be honest--it's not always a time issue--it just doesn't always seem relevant to where I'm at. Pathetic, I know.

I was so incredibly excited when the box arrived yesterday. I was a kid at Christmas--seriously overwhelmed. I ripped open the box(es), and breathed in the two-tone pink Bible--all for me! It's like I had never read this book before. Like a new release of the much anticipated installment of a certain young wizard's year at wizard school.

It was late when the kids got to bed last night, and I wanted to be alert for my first read. So, today at nap time was my first opportunity. I opened it up to Genesis 1 and started reading with enthusiasm. I got through one chapter, and sighed. Yep, it was pretty much the same as it always has been. Surely, there was more to this Bible. Well, there is.
Zondervan inserted 52 "Thought Starters" within the pages of the Busy Mom's Bible. They're designed to take only minutes, but to draw you deeper into God's Word. It gives you a word for the day and thoughts to mull over. You have the option of going deeper into study & prayer, but even those are quick enough to fit into a busy schedule. The "Reflect & Pray" takes maybe 5 minutes, and I was surprised how quickly I engaged into the thought.

Today's thought was to consider something you been involved in creating. It asked "How do you feel about it? So, what do you think God feels about you? What difference does this make in the way you might respond to him?"
I immediately thought of the sweater I recently knitted for my daughter. It took several months--nearly a year--and I experienced several emotions when it was complete. Relief. Satisfaction. Pride. Elation (when it fit & she liked it). I wanted to show it off.
"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning--the sixth day." Genesis 1:31

My goal is to do at least one Thought Starter per week, and make every attempt to read through my Bible again this year with a fresh perspective. Maybe this busy mom will even find time to blog about the journey.

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