Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Entry #6: Cough, cough

When your child coughs, how do you respond? Do you feel a tightening in your chest, because you are now holding your breath? Do you stop everything, and listen so intently that you hear your own heart beat (now beating rapidly) in your ears? Do you look deeply into your child's face for any signs of bigger problems?

Depending on the cough, I'll have any of those responses, all of them, or those and more. O is so used to me reacting this way that now he'll smirk and fake a dramatic cough, and then giggle at me. I'm sorry, I'm a worrier. I was that way before he was born. Even before we knew he had CF, when he was just a tiny baby, my heart would ache anytime he coughed.

The fact is kids cough. CF kids typically cough more, and it's okay. Productive coughing (not O's teasing-coughs) help loosen the mucus in his lungs, and can prevent illness.

It still freaks me out. We started doing vest therapy in 2008, and I've noticed a big difference in his cough. It's more productive, and now he coughs less throughout the day. When a cold comes on we do more time in the vest, and he seems to overcome his illnesses quicker. It could just be me, but I think this is an awesome tool. O's not too fond of it, but he does enjoy making funny noises while the vest vibrates his chest.

Here's a quick video of him in his vest.

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