Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Dare Ya

90 days. Can you do it?
My sister-in-law, Billie, my husband, and I have all committed to work out for 90 days. I use the term "work out" loosely here to mean some sort of exercise outside of the normally physical activity I do in a day. So, whether I do 5 push ups, or an hour long session at the gym--I must do something, every day, for 90 days.
We started yesterday. I did some pilates and some push ups before bed. Go me.

The idea here is to commit to exercise. I have no other goal beyond that. No diet constraints (I already watch what I eat, try to make healthy choices, but also enjoy foods that make me happy--a la cookie dough I'm currently nibbling at), no rigorous work out schedule, nothing like that. Just a commitment to do more than the usual for 90 days.

How did this come about--that's a fun story:

I love infomercials. Seriously. I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore, but it's a fact. I find them amusing, some even tempting.
Now, I don't go looking for infomercials, but if one happens to be on & nothing else is entertaining me--I will watch.
Yes, I've even purchased things I've seen in an infomercial, and I have a wish list.

So, lately the infomercial of choice is the "P90X" system. A series of work out DVD's designed to get you "ripped" in 90 days. Now, I have no desire to have the body of body-builder, but the idea of getting strong and healthy in 90 days sounds pretty cool.
The other night my husband watched part of the infomercial with me, after I said that I'd like to try it. We decided that before we spend the $140+ on these miracle DVDs, we should try just exercising the way we know how for 90 days. Also, after struggling with postpartum depression all winter last year, I feel it is imperative that I'm physically active all winter long.

So, here goes. From last night until January 12th we're going to do this. Want to join in the madness? Leave a comment telling me what you're going to do for 90 days. I'll check in with you, if you check in with me. Okay? C'mon, I dare ya!

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