Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A day in the life of...

This is a recent e-mail I sent to a friend of mine who also works at home. It made me laugh, even as I was writing it. This is really what has gone on today.

Brahms? The New Yorker?
Yeah, my working at home looks more like:
Up at 6 a.m., feed the baby, baby down for nap. Work for an hour. Get the toddler up & have breakfast. Decide whether or not I should risk a shower while a 2-year old is awake. Decide I don't stink THAT bad, so I go work while O "colors."
Baby starts to scream--yep, no real nap happening today. O wants to wear boots & no pants outside. Yep, it's time for an outing. One more sniff to make sure I don't stink that bad & off to run errands we go (with everyone wearing pants).
Post office to mail a return for a $74 nursing bra, that yeah, wasn't worth $74. As I'm trying to figure out the "automated" machine--O whispers "pee." Oh, crap. Wouldn't you know--our post office DOESN'T HAVE A PUBLIC BATHROOM. Where are our tax dollars going?!?!?!
Crap. (Note to self to stop saying "crap" or O is going to learn a bad habit from mommy.)Okay, finish this automated thing--promise the toddler a cookie if he can hold it. Slap the label on--hope it's going to the right place. Run at break neck speed to the car, all the while begging the two year old to not pee on his car seat...again.
Okay, stop at Daddy's Starbucks--who opens the door thinking we're there to "surprise" him. HA. I scream "Potty, NOW!" Daddy takes O to potty. Mommy collapses with the baby on the comfy chair for two seconds of "quiet."
O made it!! Hooray! He gets a cookie--okay, so technically it was pumpkin bread, but he's happy & we're off again.
A few more errands, and back home to feed the baby. This time a nap is successful! Back to work while O plays outside. I say to myself "Wow, it's nice outside, self. Why aren't I working outside?" So, out I go to enjoy the weather, watch my boy play, and "work." Daddy comes home. Hallelujah--I get a shower!
Lunch time, another baby feeding, and kids both down for the BIG nap of the day. Now, I'm back at my desk, answering emails to you two Ya-hoos. ;) The babes will be up in an hour & then it's time for dinner--Roast Chicken and Risotto. Bedtime for the babes, 30 minutes of quiet time with the hubby, and it's time for me to finally stop for the day.
Somehow, I'm able to get in a full 8-hour work day, AND care for two kiddos....oh, crap (crap, I said crap again)...that's the baby awake again. Here we go...

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Court said...

I'm glad that everyone was wearing pants when you left the house. I find that to be an advantage, myself. ;o)