Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Winter Blahs

Okay, I'm done. I am done with the winter time blahs. It's spring time--time for the snow to stop (puh-lease), and time for it to be warm enough for my kiddos to go OUTSIDE.

Yet again, it snowed last night. Enough to stick & cover the ground, and be really, really cold. Wouldn't you know--the little man woke up with a cold too. One to rival the cold his daddy has been carrying around the last couple days. Except O has big red eyes to boot. Argh.

So, once again, the cold has hit our family. Of course, I have run out of homeopathic treatments so I ran to Vitamin Cottage. I loaded up, just in case--$75 later, I'm back home doping everyone up. I also ran to the grocery & loaded up on fresh fruit.

Praying for sunshine...

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