Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I Got Done Today

No one can really prepare you for what happens when you get pregnant and then have a baby. Sure, lots of people will give you their opinions and advice (wanted or not), but it doesn't sink-in until you've experienced it.
This is even true for when you go from one kiddo to two.

With our first child we read every book, and attempted to do everything just right--no t.v., no sugar, and schedules were followed. With #2, well, let's just say I'm thrilled if I get a shower during the day.
I feel guilty because it seems like no one is really getting 100% of me. Plus, if you were sitting where I am, you'd also probably be wondering if our house was hit by a small tornado recently.

I need time. Time to help my new baby really adjust to having a schedule. Time to really help nurture my son's toddler heart. Time to clean my bedroom (really, this room even smells funny--I'm pretty sure those are spit up stains on the carpet). I'm a bit wary of being home full-time and starting a new business.

Okay, in all honesty, I'm not being fair to myself. We're still working through a major transition, and our days won't be like this soon. (I'm still working full-time at my "normal" job, trying to get this new business venture up & running, and attempting to be a full-time mommy.)

So, you might be reading this & thinking, well, instead of blogging you could be cleaning that room. Yeah, you're probably right. I guess I'm also needing time to just think. To get everything that's in my head out, so I can get things sorted & then tackle each one. Most days it's a luxury to even get that done. Usually we start the day at 6:30 a.m., and it seems like dinner time comes all too quickly. Today I didn't even have a second to brush my teeth until 4 p.m. Ick.

I need encouragement. This is what I DID get DONE today:
  • Took care of a major crisis at work, despite that I'm supposed to be on vacation today.
  • Assembled a new laundry sorter.
  • Met the kids' needs, and enjoyed some one-on-one time with each of them.
  • Wrote on my blog :)
  • Finished my husband's invoicing for his business.
  • Ran a couple loads of laundry

It's not everything that I need to get done, but it's the best I could do today. :)

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