Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Things.

Okay, yes, I'm stealing this from Martha Stewart, but the lady can turn a phrase--what can I say?

I just found this site that allows you to enter a little information, and then it calculates & summarizes your income vs. expenses to determine what it takes for you to be self-sufficient.
It even figures in what state or federal programs you possibly qualify for--cool.
You can enter 5 different "scenarios" to test out different incomes vs. expenses. For example, I put in our current situation (both of us working), and then 4 other possibilities (me not working/earning at all, part-time, with or without state assistance, etc.).
This enabled me to see that we're actually better off with me NOT working or working only part-time than if I continued working my full time job.

I'll keep posting good things for mothers when I find them. Feel free to share your good things too! I'd love to read them.

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