Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Diet

I lost four pounds yesterday. Yes, four. In one day. Pretty cool, right?

WRONG. Food poisoning. Glory be, the worst kind of sickness. I couldn't hold down water. We (yep, my husband was sick too) spent Sunday laying in bed, the couch, the floor--only getting up if we absolutely had to. Our poor kiddos spent the day in their pajamas eating Cheerios. I really don't know if we actually fed them 3 solid meals or not. Matt wasn't quite as bad off as me (he had the steak instead of the fish/seafood dish), so he did the majority of caring for the kiddos.

I was really concerned that the lack of food & water would lead to a lack in breastmilk production, and although I definitely had a decrease--we seem to be fine today. It took most of the day, but my appetite came back.

Today I met and chatted with Stephanie Hillberry. She asked to interview me for her Marketplace Mavens. Had I been more clear-headed I probably would have postponed this conversation. I know I lost my train of thought more than once, and felt like passing out a few times--should make for an interesting article. HA! Seriously, check out her website & blog--she's a smart lady with great ideas. Thanks, Stephanie!

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