Monday, January 12, 2009

You thought I had forgotten...

Didn't you?

Well, it's been 90 days. How'd you do? Me, well, yeah I learned a few things:

  • Never start an exercise program just before major holidays.
  • It's better to create a real workout "plan" other than "just do something, anything, everyday."
  • Small baby steps are necessary when trying to create new habits.

I was doing pretty good for the first few weeks, but as the madness of the holidays approached (and let's be honest--the incredible food) I just didn't keep up like I had hoped. So, what's next?

I'm thinking up a plan, making goals--small, baby step-like goals--and looking at my calendar for a realistic idea of what, when, and how. I'm not giving up. The days I did work out, even a little bit, there was a definite improvement in my energy level.

I did find things that worked for me:

  • I enjoy jumping on a mini-trampoline when I can't go outside.
  • Working out while watching favorite tv shows on my computer (while the kiddos are sleeping) makes the workout seem quick & easy.
  • Typically, this worked best when my husband was working late. Nap time is valuable work time/quiet time for me.
  • Involving the kiddos in some active play time (i.e. chasing them around the living room--man, I'm so ready for spring) was a kick-butt exercise that also wore them out. Those two little boogers can really run.

I hope you did well, and if you didn't do anything--there's always tomorrow. Good night.

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