Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's the Point

I've been holding back writing on my blog. I have so much going on in my life right now, and so many thoughts rushing through my head that every time I sit down to write I can't single out one voice amongst the many.
I've also been debating what this blog is for--is it to help promote Nurtured Mother? Should I only write things pertaining to motherhood, birth, and pregnancy? I don't think that was my original intention, but I think I created that rule somewhere along the road.
Recent struggles with my relationships have also halted my speech. I'm so afraid to offend someone, or do further damage that I've shut up completely. I started this blog to get out all the things going on with me, and yet now I'm feeling confined. It's my own fault, but I'm not sure how to get out or if I even should.

Maybe you can help me--my few readers out there. (Are you there?) Here are a list of topics that I have on a sticky on my monitor. What do you want to read?

  • Personal stories in my life. Relationships, raising kids, money struggles, transitioning from working mom to SAHM to WAHM on what feels like a daily basis, faith, etc. etc. etc. All the humor, heartache, and happiness life brings.
  • CF related issues--we just attempted a clinical trial.
  • Food--all my cooking adventures
  • Doula/Labor & Birth/Pregnancy info
  • other suggestions?

Here's something I just started--call it a "New Year's Resolution." Instead of writing To Do lists--something I'm notorious for writing--I'm writing TaDa lists. What's a TaDa list, you ask? Well, it's the reverse of my to do's. It's everything I've accomplished today. I write them as I go about my day. I have my regular magnetic pad on the fridge with a bright sharpie nearby. As I walk about the house working on projects, I add on another thing. Even the small stuff like helping O find a missing toy (a daily adventure). Though I enjoyed crossing items off my To Do lists, it was always disheartening to see what was left. Plus, it was ever-growing with more to do. My TaDa list only lasts a day, each day is a new TaDa. Some days, I feel accomplished even if only one thing makes it to the list. Try it, you might like it.


crys said...

i just like should post whatever you'd like, my friend!

** i just say this as i am not a mother -- just a friend who likes keeping up with you.

Jennifer Massage-Doula said...

Depends on what you want the purpose of your blog to be. If you want to inform people of birth/pregnancy/doula-related topics, I would suggest having a separate blog for personal topics. Or at least include birth-related info in each post. It might be just me, but if I get a blog link from google alerts, and the post is entirely personal, I assume that's what the blog is for and don't read anything else there.
YMMV :o)

caryn777 said...

If you worry about offending will never ever write again. I say...write away! We can't grow or learn from each other if we sit in silence. I'll be reading...and looking for your blog!

caryn777 said...

By the way...I like the Tadas! Cute idea. :)